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An innovative logistic for greater paris

With its 68 stations and its 200km of train lines, the Grand Paris Express promises to be the project of the century for the capital region. Eurovia already believes that it could be a formidable logistical network across the Île-de-France.

The works of this “super metro” have already begun and will continue until 2030 under the leadership of the developer, Société du Grand Paris. In total, there will be close to 43Mt of excavated material that will need to be cleared away throughout the site within zones that are already highly urbanised and dense with transport.

The logistic organisation of this excavation of materials will necessitate innovative solutions and an important mix of modes of transport. The Grand Paris Express is an opportunity to create a logistics framework across greater Paris, the lifetime of which will exceed that of the work sites and serve to benefit the whole capital region and its development in the long term. A specialist in infrastructure, logistical organisation of sites, and public-private partnerships, Eurovia is ready for the challenge.

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