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Greater quality for public spaces thanks to maintenance and renovation

Aware that the maintenance and renovation of a public space plays a determining role in the retention of its attractiveness, Eurovia supports communities by conceiving of new ways to balance quality and cost control.

In Greater London, for example, the district of Hounslow has called upon Eurovia for the renovation and maintenance of its public spaces for 25 years. This partnership, which has already resulted in the significant improvement of roads and public lighting, is now based on Eurovia’s innovation in technical and technological areas to continue to guarantee this level of quality, all while reducing costs for the community.

This maintenance strategy and the maintenance of infrastructure, as oriented towards the control and reduction of costs, is also highlighted by the mayor of Mulhouse, Jean Rottner, who plans to rely on Eurovia’s expertise and its capacity for innovation as a private partner to implement its action plan for intelligent mobility. 

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