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More services for users by equipping the city

Enhancing the urban landscape and streetscape to create a link between infrastructure and users is at the heart of the integrated approach of Eurovia and its equipment outfitters. Eurovia designs comprehensive offerings that transform infrastructures into service providers.

ID'Sign, a subsidiary of Eurovia, created Optipark, a simple and lightweight solution for parking management in cities. Optipark allows each parking space to be equipped with a connected terminal that detects the presence of a vehicle and signals the remaining time available to its owner via a warning light and a QR code that’s accessible on a smartphone.  This device facilitates the management of the occupation of parking spaces and the control of parking lots.

Signature Group, Eurovia’s integrated outfitter specialising in smart mobility solutions, subscribes fully to the group’s approach to innovation and notably participates with the Institut Open Innovation from Centrale Supélec which connects innovative start-ups with large companies. Following a call for projects launched in the summer of 2015, three solutions were selected for incubation in 2016 – they combine all urban equipment, digital application, and improvement of the service for the user.

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