Eurovia establishes a presence in India in the infrastructure sector

Eurovia has just acquired NAPC, an Indian construction and public works company based in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu.
The regional leader in its sector, NAPC is mainly active in the areas of road construction, earthworks and civil engineering, as well as the development of industrial zones and airport platforms. Within the framework of a concession consortium, NAPC is participating in the implementation of the Chennai ring road project.
Founded 60 years ago, NAPC generated revenues in 2011 of some 600 Crores of rupees (i.e. approximately 100 million euros).
With this acquisition, Eurovia, one of the leading players worldwide in the construction, upkeep and maintenance of road and railway transport infrastructure, is establishing a position in India, where its markets offer interesting growth prospects, linked to the country’s economic dynamism. The state of Tamil Nadu, the 5th largest Indian economic region, benefits from considerable foreign investment in the industrial and port sectors.

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