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16 semaines avant la mise en service de la LGV SEA !

[3/17/2017] 16 weeks to go before the launch of LGV SEA!

The LGV rail path is the result of a long consultation process launched as early as 2001 by SNCF Réseau.

In 2010, LISEA and COSEA pursued this initiative by meeting with elected officials, local residents, environmental protection associations, and farmers. The consultation process – in which Eurovia teams took part – consisted of 150 town meetings held prior to the start of infrastructure and structural engineering works in the municipalities on the path of the worksite. The goal of the process? To allow elected officials and local residents to express their concerns and needs, ensure that the project was understood by all stakeholders, and enable us to be as transparent and informative as possible on the actual effects of the works, including the need to establish detours and reserve roads for truck traffic – all in an effort to ease any worries the project might cause. These exchanges contributed to the studies carried out to establish the construction roadmap. Agreements were then signed with each municipality and each DIR (direction interdépartementale des routes or interdepartmental roadway authority) for the reinstatement of roads disrupted by the worksite (above and below the rail line) and for the creation of feeder roads running alongside the LGV.
The draft project had already been validated by SNCF Réseau. The role of LISEA and COSEA was to optimise project outcomes and provide useful information. As many small town halls were unprepared, we were forced to adjust – a task made more challenging by the fact that some of the teams changed following the 2014 municipal elections. In some cases, we had to make amendments to existing agreements.

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