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Development work on Rue de l’Alma in Rennes piques the curiosity of engineering students

The work conducted by Eurovia Rennes in Rue de l’Alma in Rennes (in the Sud-Gare district) is part of a project to deliver new buildings with ground-floor business premises. The street has been undergoing extensive redevelopment since early 2016, with a target end date of May 2017. On that date, Rue de l’Alma, now a two-way street along its entire length, will become the new gateway into the city centre.

On Monday, March 6, engineering students from INSA de Rennes braved the elements and paid a visit to the worksite.

They were welcomed by two Eurovia Rennes employees – Julien Abgrall, site supervisor, and Asaad Alami, research engineer & campus manager – who discussed the project and answered questions. The students were invited to return in early May to witness asphalt-laying operations during the night shift.

On this worksite tour, the students learned that Eurovia used Scoregrave® as a subgrade in accordance with a circular-economy approach to the project. Scoregrave®, which was developed by the Scorevalis mobile processing unit – on the Vignoc platform at the Garenne quarry (Eurovia Group) – recovers and reuses incineration bottom ash from non-hazardous waste sourced from the energy-recovery unit for Greater Rennes.

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