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J-80 avant la mise en service de la LGV SEA !

[4/13/2017] 80 days to go before the launch of LGV SEA!

With just 80 days to go before the inauguration of the LGV high-speed rail line, let’s find out why such a project required advance preparation!

Good preparation and a great capacity for adaptation have in fact contributed to the success of this project. It was a coordination of men and machines requiring research and preparatory work in which many Eurovia employees participated.

From surveying the roads to be reinstated to the choice of materials and the organisation of human resources – everything was considered and prepared well in advance. This process facilitated the development of a detailed pre-project phase, which was then taken up by the design office to conduct the research necessary for execution before construction work was launched. A special feature of the LGV SEA: to meet deadlines, the development and execution research on different stages of the project (civil engineering, equipment and railway) were conducted concurrently, requiring our teams to review their notes regularly. As a result, we ended up with six different versions of the pre-project phase. To cite an example involving roads: in 2007, in response to the call for tenders, we began to survey roads – everything from rural tracks to motorways – along the route of the LGV SEA and to plan required diversions. So, the design office created a first project on the basis of the hypotheses about the railway routes, the width of roads, the thickness of road layers in accordance with traffic, road signs, and so on. The groundwork required setting a budget, creating an organisation – eight local Eurovia divisions were solicited for all the roadway reinstatement work – and drawing up a schedule. However, regional communities made additional demands as work progressed and our teams had to redraw roadway reinstatement plans several times to accommodate the reality on the ground and meet stakeholder expectations.

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