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États-Unis : modification d’échangeurs en conception/construction près de Winston-Salem

[7/11/2017] United States: interchange design-build project near Winston-Salem

In November 2016, Blythe was awarded a design-build project near Winston-Salem in Forsyth County. The project calls for upgrades to interchanges in the ring road north of the city, North Carolina’s fourth-largest urban centre.

First and foremost, the project will improve north-south connections in the western part of Forsyth County (of which Winston-Salem is the county seat) and reduce congestion on neighbouring roads. The main construction activities include building bridges over US421, Silas Creek, and US52 (the future I-74). The bridge spanning US52 will allow users coming from the north to access Winston-Salem easily.

Work is set to be completed in July 2020.

The project will provide improved road connections in an area with strong population growth.

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