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Une nouvelle ligne de tramway pour la communauté urbaine de Caen

[10/21/2019] A new tramway line for the Caen urban community

In September and October 2017, the urban community of Caen la Mer entrusted to a consortium consisting of ETF (lead contractor), Eurovia Basse-Normandie Caen, and Mastellotto a two-pronged mandate for the new tramway line in Caen, encompassing the maintenance centre and the northern section of the line, which includes 14 stations.

The project, which was inaugurated in late July 2019, is unique in that it is the first of its kind in France to remove and replace an existing right-of-way tramway line (a rubber-tired system that ceased to operate on January 1, 2018) with a new tram on tracks.
The project included track and platform building, site redevelopment, and contact-wire installation.
The project also allowed people seeking to re-enter the labour market to contribute 10% of the total work volume, accounting for 28,170 work hours, as part of a back-to-work programme.
There is more to come for the consortium as it has been entrusted with the mandate to extend the tramway network. Work on this new project has just started and must be completed in March 2020.

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