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[10/24/2019] Preparatory works for implementing a logistics platform near Compiègne

Since this past July, teams at Eurovia’s Compiègne division have been carrying out roadworks and utility works for the future Stockomani (stock clearance) logistics platform located at the Venette business park, which is being expanded to accommodate an expected influx of 1,400 employees in 2021 (as compared with 200 when it was launched 9 years ago).

Concurrently, and in quite close proximity to this project site, the RD36E roadway-upgrade project is also being conducted. It calls for widening the roadway, installing a bicycle path, landscaping, building two roundabouts, and installing bus stops and street lighting. The arrival of this discount brand will lead to more vehicle traffic, including heavy vehicles, on an already very busy road. To ensure that the roadway infrastructure is ready for the opening of the platform, earthworks, sanitation operations, and roadworks are being carried out at the same time, which requires coordinating several teams with a high degree of precision.

In addition, both projects are seeking BREEAM environmental certification for buildings and development works; as part of this effort, teams have been assiduously tracking water and fuel use on these projects. 

Work on the Stockomani platform will be completed in July 2020, while work on RD36E will come to a close by late October 2019.

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