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Québec : Eurovia remporte un nouveau contrat de reconstruction à la Baie-James

[10/23/2019] Quebec: Eurovia awarded a new reconstruction contract at James Bay

Eurovia Quebec’s Outaouais division, in a consortium with Blais&Langlois, has been awarded a new contract to carry out upgrades to Route de la Baie-James, located in Northern Quebec. This key transport route is 620 kilometres long and attracts numerous tourists to this remote region.

It is a vital infrastructure for the province’s hydroelectric facilities and for the Native communities in the region. The initial contract, awarded in 2018, focused on the segment between kilometres 144 and 200.

This new project, which was launched in mid-June, is divided into two sections: between kilometres 69 and 74 and between kilometres 89 and 144.

The purpose of the project is to enhance driving conditions in the region as a whole.

Since the project is being carried out in a remote region, the division is using a mobile asphalt-production unit. For this same reason, the 30 workers on the Eurovia/Construction DJL team who are active on this project reside in specially installed camps due to the lack of accommodations. The project completion date is set for the end of September 2019.

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