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Quand les rails nous envoient dans l’espace !

[11/4/2019] Railways can also lead us into space!

Teams from ETF have just completed maintenance tasks on 10 kilometres of rail lines at the international space centre in Kourou in French Guiana, the site from which Ariane 5 rockets are launched!

ETF and Ariane rockets share a long history that began as early as the development of the site in the 1980s. At the time, ETF had built the entire rail system that was used to convey rocket parts and components. Since then, ETF has provided twice-yearly rail-maintenance services, in March and October.
Why? Because these rail lines are a strategic resource that links the various rocket-assembly sites to one another and to the launching pad.
To achieve success in this project, ETF owns and maintains a base camp directly at the site, where one or two staff members are sent on assignment every year. Subsequently, ETF calls on local the workforce to carry out its tasks.
ETF provides rail-maintenance services to two clients: CNES (France’s national space studies centre) and Ariane Espace (via ENDEL Guyane and PEYRANI).

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