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Zone Amériques : 10 ans du Centre Technique Amériques

[11/15/2019] The Americas Zone: our Technical Centre for the Americas turns 10!

On September 10, 2019, our Technical Centre for the Americas (TCA), located in Brossard, Quebec, celebrated its 10th anniversary. Over the years since its launch in 2009, the TCA has acquired state-of-the-art roadworks equipment that has allowed it to play an active role in the development of various products in the Americas zone (Canada, the United States and Chile) in collaboration with our technical network in France.

From conducting tests and trials and providing technical assistance to developing and validating products and processes, the TCA is a high-level source of technical expertise for the Eurovia Group’s technology network as a whole.

Today, the TCA provides assistance to worksites on major projects and at strategic locations: the Regina bypass in Saskatchewan (Modulovia® 4X), the Blythe binder-production plant, and the Confederation Bridge (which has linked, since 1997, Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, two of Canada’s maritime provinces).

The TCA also provides engineering and technical assistance to major project bids and has done so on more than 20 projects (including a current project on Highway 104 in Nova Scotia). In addition, the TCA enables technology development and transfer from Eurovia’s International Research Centre for more than 20 products and processes, including the Recyvia® cold-recycling product range, warm asphalt mixes, and expert skill sets such as remobilising asphalt to achieve high recycling rates.

During the evening, guests had an opportunity to tour the laboratory and discover equipment and issues central to current initiatives at the Centre, including bituminous asphalt with high recycling rates as well as rheological testing on bitumen and asphalt mixes.

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