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[8/27/2019] A New Seafront for the City of Carnac

A few months ago, the consortium consisting of Eurovia de Lorient (the authorized agent) and IDVERDE started working on the development of the Boulevard de la Plage in Carnac.

Easy access to the beach, the creation of a scenic point, cleaning of an esplanade for pedestrians, setting up wood furniture for relaxing: between now and June 2020 (estimated completion of the work), the seafront will undergo a radical change in set-up. With a 7% increase in attendance between April and the end of August versus 2017, i.e., 140,000 visitors in 2018 during the same period of the previous year (Source: Carnac Tourist Office), these new facilities will be better able to attract and accommodate tourists and residents all year round.
One specific aspect of this development was the construction of stepped slopes facing the sea, protecting against coastal risks as well as offering a relaxation area for walkers. This stepped structure will require the production of 1,300 concrete blocks. The complete redevelopment of the Boulevard de la Plage will be carried out in two phases over two years, each phase being carried out before the holiday period of July and August in order to allow residents and holidaymakers to enjoy the sunny days in this renowned seaside resort on the Morbihan Coast.

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