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Lituanie _road 2822 (1)

[5/20/2020] Lithuania: work continues in safe conditions on a road leading in and out of a national park and the country’s most important forest

Eurovia Lietuvia teams are currently rebuilding a little more than 6 kilometres of a roadway (Route 2882) between the villages of Toliejai and Labanoras in the eastern part of the country, a region where a great many lakes, a national park, and a vitally important woodland are located.

As is the case for all worksites in Lithuania, safety protocols have been adapted to the global public health crisis. Accordingly, all employees have received training in recognising COVID-19 symptoms and in appropriate measures to combat the spread of the virus.

Since March 17, employees have been observing social distancing at worksites, which has been facilitated by the project’s rural setting. They have also received protective masks. In addition, the number of vehicles used to carry personnel has been increased in order to favour social distancing.

These precautions will help the teams to achieve the project in complete safety before the end of the summer… despite the late snowfall of early May!

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