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Trabit Covid (5)

[5/25/2020] Spain: adapting worksite protocols to evolving conditions

Due to the public health crisis that has had a severe impact on Spain, Trabit (Eurovia Spain) adopted – as soon as the state of emergency was declared – the required measures for ensuring optimal safety at worksites in compliance with the country’s regulations.

First, employees were trained in recognising symptoms and understanding virus-transmission modes and applying preventive conduct. Trabit also provided employees with FFP2 protection masks, gloves, and disinfectant products, despite the shortages associated with the pandemic.

Organisational measures were also applied in workplaces to prevent contact among employees, including 2-metre social distancing, controlled worksite access, phased site entry and exit, temperature checks for all employees, more flexible work schedules, delineation and coordination of specific zones for supplier deliveries, reduction in capacity at closed common areas – including locker rooms, refectories, and washrooms – implementation of team rotation wherever needed, limits to activities requiring contact between employees, and prohibition on sharing machines and tools.

In addition, individual travel and occupation of no more than one-third of available vehicle space were also implemented. Employees travelled one per row seated diagonally from one another in an effort to maintain a safe distance; they also wore masks and gloves when travelling.

By adopting these measures, Trabit was able to pursue its activities during the most challenging months of the pandemic while ensuring its employees’ health and safety.

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