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République tchèque : construction d’un système purification des eaux de l’ancienne carrière du Kohinoor

[6/4/2020] Czech Republic: building a water-purification system at the former Kohinoor quarry

Since October 2018, Eurovia CS and Herkul have been building a biotechnology system at the former Kohinoor quarry (in the northern part of the Czech Republic).

This facility, which is designed to purify mine water drawn from the MR1 well, is part of a programme to resolve environmental events and eliminate environmental damage in the region of Ústí nad Labem. The project includes an aeration building, six decantation lines, a stabilisation tank, and a purification tank. In addition, a full technology set-up will be installed (water inlet and outlet, electrical connections, pumps, and an aeration unit).

The purification biotechnology system developed for this project makes use of artificial wetlands’ capacity to purify mine water. This method requires almost no outside input and produces effects that are comparable to active purification methods. In addition, it is fully aligned with ecological revitalisation principles.

The project should be completed in June 2020.

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