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18 jours pour refaire le circuit Bugatti

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France: refurbishing the Bugatti race track in just 18 days

The famous Bugatti race track at Le Mans, which was built in 1965 and whose last complete renovation goes back to 2004, is undergoing rejuvenation. Teams from Eurovia’s Le Mans division had to resurface this 4-kilometre-plus track in only 18 days, from October 10 to 27. The track is best known for its motorcycle-racing events, including Grand Prix de France MotoGP and 24 Heures Motos. It is also used as part of the 24h du Mans annual car race. Eurovia’s full range of expertise, from the lab to the field, was brought to bear on this mandate, enabling its teams to meet the project’s tight deadlines and exacting requirements.
Allemagne : couplage des voies de tramway et de train à Chemnitz

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Germany: coupling tram and rail lines in Chemnitz

The Leipzig and Dresden divisions (Eurovia Germany) are working in consortium on a long-term project in Chemnitz (the third-largest city in Saxony). The “Chemnitz Model,” which brings together tram and rail lines, is designed to create direct connections between Chemnitz (population, 250,000) and its outlying areas.
16380 Unt3o3t4

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France: creating an emergency call network (ECN) on A63 using an extruder

The Eurovia GPI Grands Travaux division was the lead contractor of a consortium in charge of widening motorway A63 from Biarritz to the Spanish border. As part of this project, it carried out – in conjunction with Cognac TP, Signature Grands Travaux, Cegelec (VINCI Energies), INEO, and CAUM – civil engineering works and installed dry network cabling as well as operating equipment.
Journée des bénévoles au Lee Valley Park

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United Kingdom: Volunteer Day at Lee Valley Park

On Wednesday 27th July 4 members of staff from the Cheshunt Office, Eurovia Surfacing and Contracting South took part in a volunteer day at Lee Valley Park removing Himalayan Balsam. Himalayan Balsam is a major weed problem, especially on riverbanks and waste land. These invasive species grow vigorously and can out-compete our native plants. By removing them we can maintain diversity within the riverbanks and grasslands. Last year, on a Corporate Volunteer Day a group of 9 staff members went to a different part of the park carrying out the same task, which is how initial contact was made with Lee Valley Park.



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