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France: work comes to a close on the Le Mans BRTS

From September 2014 to December 2015, a consortium consisting of Eurovia Le Mans (lead contractor) and Eurovia Béton (a specialized subsidiary) built roadways and various utility networks as part of the development of “Tempo,” the bus rapid transit system (BRTS) in the city of Le Mans in the Loire region of France. Following the launch of two tramway lines in 2007 and 2014, Le Mans opted for a BRTS to connect one of its suburbs to one of its train stations. Delivery of the BRTS is set for February 2016.
Roumanie : attribution de marchés d’entretien de routes nationales

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Romania: Viarom awarded contracts to maintain national routes

Viarom has just been awarded six contracts to provide maintenance services for national routes in Romania for a period of two years (from 2015 to 2017). The contracts were awarded by regional roadway authorities in Bucharest and Craiova (in the southern and southeastern regions of the country).
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France: second segment of Boulevard Urbain Ouest in Montauban

After completing the first segment of Boulevard Urbain in Montauban (in southwestern France), Eurovia Montauban was awarded the second segment. Work on this segment, which is 800 metres long in a dual single-lane configuration and includes a roundabout and a bicycle path, began in September 2015 and must be completed in February 2016. The project includes roadworks (for heavy vehicles and heavy traffic conditions), one roundabout, and hydraulic structures at nearby streams.



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