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- Work

France: second-phase development for the Pégase Cluster

Eurovia’s Méditerranée division (Avignon sector) is currently at work on a second-phase development project for the future Pégase Cluster at Avignon Montfavet Airport. The site brings together more than 300 players keenly involved in the development of a new generation of aircraft, including drones, airships, light aeroplanes, helicopters, new flight concepts, and stratospheric aircraft.



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CP Tram Bordeaux

- Press release

Initial track weld for the first segment of Line D of Bordeaux’s tramway network

The Eurovia construction consortium for the first segment of Line D of Bordeaux’s tramway network has welded the first track on this project launched in May 2017. This new tram line, set to run from Place des Quinconces and Bouscat town hall with connections to Lines B and C, will cover the northwestern quadrant of the Bordeaux urban community and link the city with the Bouscat, Bruges, and Eysines communes. As a result, 37% of the local population and workforce will enjoy direct access to this transport resource.


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