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- Event

Final stage of the Tour de France: a legendary site refurbished by STRF

Today, the final stage of the 2017 Tour de France will be held between Montgeron and the Champs-Élysées. The racers will leave from the renowned Réveil Matin roundabout in Montgeron. This site, like departmental routes RD31 (Montgeron) and RD117 (Villemoisson-sur-Orge) – which are also part of today’s stage of the race – was refurbished in June by STRF. It is worth noting that this site is a historic and prestigious location since it was the starting point of first stage of the very first Tour de France in 1903.



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Tentative de fraude

- Press release

Fraud attempts

Eurovia has been informed that frauds and scams have been attempted in Europe, particularly involving the misuse of its identity, the identity of one or other of its affiliated companies and even the identity of one of its employees.


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