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Royaume-Uni : Eurovia UK face à la tempête Doris

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United Kingdom: Eurovia UK responds to Storm Doris

Our businesses across the UK, braced themselves for the arrival of storm Doris which arrived in the early hours of Thursday 23rd February and left a path of destruction as it wreaked havoc, with winds of up to 65mph battering the country as the storm, branded ‘a weather bomb’ by the Met Office swept across the UK. With reports of high winds, rain and snow in the higher grounds, storm Doris has led to severe travel disruptions, power cuts, school closures, trees blown down and localised flooding.
J-100 avant la mise en service de la LGV SEA !

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100 days to go before the launch of LGV SEA!

The LGV SEA project, on which Eurovia and ETF are playing such an active role, is continental Europe’s largest construction initiative and an outstanding undertaking in all respects: the high-speed rail line will cross 113 municipalities; as many as 9,000 people were employed at peak activity periods; and 3 million tonnes of ballast, 90,000 tonnes of steel, 3,000 tonnes of copper, and 14,000 catenary masts were implemented for a total investment of €7,800 million to connect various regions of France!
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T3 tram extension project in Paris

As part of the project designed to extend tramway line T3 between Porte de la Chapelle and Porte d’Asnières, Eurovia Aubervilliers (lead contractor for lot 2), EJL Vitry-sur-Seine (lead contractor for lot 1) and Valentin are carrying out roadworks for both lots for SETEC TPI, whose client is none other than Mairie de Paris (city hall).



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