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Signature Océan Indien remporte trois marchés

La région Réunion a lancé, début 2014, trois appels d’offres (par secteur géographique) pour la dépose de tous les PPHM (Portiques, Potences et Hauts Mâts) et panneaux directionnels d’accotement (sur RN 2x2 voies) et la pose de structures neuves (selon un nouveau schéma directeur). La fabrication des premiers ensembles est en cours ; elle est programmée sur 3 ans.
Rep tcheque D3

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Czech Republic: Eurovia will build two new sections for motorway D3

In February 2015, Eurovia signed contracts for the construction of two new sections for motorway D3 between Prague and the South Bohemian Region (in the southwest of the Czech Republic). Eurovia CS will build the Veselí-Bošilec section as a member of the consortium and the Borek-Úsilné section as the lead contractor.
ZAC St André 3

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Urban Development Zone: Parc d'Aquitaine

Since February 2015, the Eurovia Gironde teams have taken part in building various roads and networks within the mixed development zone (ZAC) of "Parc d'Aquitaine" located in the Commune of Saint-André-de-Cubzac (33). This operation includes earth work (13,000 m³), setting up sanitation networks (wastewater and rainwater) over a linear strip of more than 2 km, as well as creating asphalt roads (5,500 t) bordered by sidewalks of deactivated concrete (5,500 m²).



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Two thousand eight hundred Eurovia foremen to be trained by GrDF by 2016: an initiative of an unprecedented scale in France

On September 18, Sandra Lagumina, CEO of GrDF, and Guy Vacher, Deputy CEO of Eurovia, signed a partnership agreement for an innovative prevention training program. A part of a progress-based approach, this training has the common objective of enhancing security on sites while continuing the effort to reduce damage to GrDF structures via training sessions over a two-year period.
Merignac Research Centre

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Focus on Research, development and innovation at Eurovia

In response to a rich variety of projects, including single-lane roads, city-centre tramway lines, and major motorways, we carry out each mandate differently in accordance with diverse social, environmental, and geophysical constraints. Every project is distinct and requires a specific approach, which is why our research, development and innovation (RDI) strategy is geared toward targeted solutions.

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Eurovia partners with France’s athletics federation

Fédération française d'athlétisme (FFA) – the French athletics federation – and Eurovia have signed a 3-year partnership agreement designed to develop knowledge in methods in the construction of sports stadiums. Thanks to its extensive experience in sports facilities, Eurovia has acquired leading expertise in the development of stadium infrastructure, including field-and-track surfaces and various structures in and around stadiums.

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Eurovia, a tour de France de la Biodiversité partner

As part of the 101st Tour de France, Eurovia, a patron of Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, is putting its support behind tour de France de la Biodiversité (“the tour de France for Biodiversity”). For each of the 21 stages of the event, a specific TV spot will be broadcast to illustrate the diversity of wildlife and plant life present in the areas where the race is held. The 21 TV spots will be broadcast from July 5 to 27 at around 2 PM on France Télévisions.


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