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Hubbard Route 50

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United States: kick-off for the Florida State Road 50 project

Hubbard Construction Company has kicked off the project for Florida State Road 50, a busy east-west roadway that crosses the state via Orlando. The project, which is to be carried out for the Florida Department of Transportation, includes reconstruction of two weakened bridges that span the Econlockhatchee River – Florida’s longest. The new structures will include three traffic lanes, one walkway, and a two-way bike lane, which, for safety reasons, will be farther from the roadway than in the current configuration. The work will take 629 days to complete.
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Paluel nuclear power station: infrastructure ready for major refit

In an effort to extend the useful life of nuclear facilities in France, EDF has launched a major refit program for all nuclear power plants designed to replace key parts of their infrastructure, particularly steam generators. The Paluel nuclear power plant – the lead facility among the 19 nuclear power plants in France – is the first site to be refitted; in preparation for the refit, civil engineering works, roadwork, and utility network operations must be carried out.
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Developing a new section of RD9

Since January 2015, TP Spada, in a consortium with VINCI Construction Terrassement, has been developing a new dual 2-lane section of RD9 in Réaltor, between Aix-les-Milles and the high-speed rail station in Aix-en-Provence.
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Czech Republic: Open House in the Country’s Largest Quarry

On May 30, the largest Czech quarry in Jakubčovice (in the eastern part of the country) managed by Eurovia Kamenolomy (Eurovia Cs’s subsidiary in charge of quarry activities) opened its doors to the general public for guided tours of the site. This day was also an opportunity to offer a children’s activity: Rozhlédni se! (“Look around you!”). For several years now, Eurovia Cs has participated in the national road prevention program for children and developed this workshop to teach them good road safety practices.



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- Press release

Eurovia Receives Award for Its 3D Training Tool for Work Risks

PREVEN+, Eurovia’s 3D interactive tool allowing new employees to get to the root of situations affecting safety during training, has just won the interactive communication award at the International Corporate Film Festival “Films and Companies”, which was held in La Baule (France) from May 27 to 30, 2015.

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ETF will lay the extension tracks for line 3 of the Cairo subway

The Egyptian authorities renewed their trust in the group led by VINCI Construction Grands Projets alongside Bouygues Travaux Publics, subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, and their Egyptian partners Orascom Construction and Arab Contractors, to carry out a new phase in the work on Line 3 of the Cairo Subway between the stations Haroun and El Nozha stations.

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Two thousand eight hundred Eurovia foremen to be trained by GrDF by 2016: an initiative of an unprecedented scale in France

On September 18, Sandra Lagumina, CEO of GrDF, and Guy Vacher, Deputy CEO of Eurovia, signed a partnership agreement for an innovative prevention training program. A part of a progress-based approach, this training has the common objective of enhancing security on sites while continuing the effort to reduce damage to GrDF structures via training sessions over a two-year period.


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