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Royaume-Uni : travaux d’ingénierie dans le Devon

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United Kingdom: engineering works in Devon

South West Highways (Eurovia UK) has received notification of contract award following a call for tenders issued by the Devon County Council (DCC) in southwest England relating to six lots in the DCC’s Framework for Minor Engineering Works (including bridges).
Canada : trois nouveaux contrats routiers en Alberta

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Canada: three new roadworks contracts in Alberta

Carmacks (Eurovia in Alberta) was recently awarded three major roadworks contracts for projects expected to be delivered in autumn 2018. Given the size of this province in Western Canada (at more than 660,000 sq km in total area, it is slightly larger than France) and the specificities of its economy – it is known for its oil sands and extraction sites at the remote location of Fort McMurray – Alberta invests significantly in transport infrastructure.
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France: digital technology in support of a project in Bailly Romainvilliers

The project that EJL Chelles division teams are working on at the moment is truly out of the ordinary! It has earned Eurovia’s Environmental Excellence label and deployed digital tools in various phases, including in the response to the call for tenders, interaction with local residents, and communication with stakeholders right to the end of the mandate.
Québec : une méthode de démolition adaptée au grand froid

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Quebec: a demolition method designed for extremely cold weather

Eurovia’s Quebec Mauricie division is currently creating an ice bridge as part on a project to demolish a bridge spanning the Champlain River, which runs north from the Saint Lawrence River in the Mauricie region of the province. This original demolition method has already been used successfully on a smaller river.



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CP Tram Bordeaux

- Press release

Initial track weld for the first segment of Line D of Bordeaux’s tramway network

The Eurovia construction consortium for the first segment of Line D of Bordeaux’s tramway network has welded the first track on this project launched in May 2017. This new tram line, set to run from Place des Quinconces and Bouscat town hall with connections to Lines B and C, will cover the northwestern quadrant of the Bordeaux urban community and link the city with the Bouscat, Bruges, and Eysines communes. As a result, 37% of the local population and workforce will enjoy direct access to this transport resource.


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