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Royaume-Uni : inauguration de la fontaine de la place Queen Victoria à Hull

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United Kingdom: Hull Queen Victoria Square Fountain Opening Ceremony

Eurovia Contracting North proudly unveiled the Queen Victoria Square Fountain in Hull at a celebratory opening. The bespoke design, featuring 77 individually computer‐controlled jets, a first in Europe, was showcased at the event in the city centre. The fountain is a modern take on the original appearance, created by former Turner Prize nominee, Mel Chantrey.
Chili : une solution novatrice pour l’aéroport d’Iquique

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Chile: an innovative solution for Iquique Airport

Last January, Bitumix completed its second renovation contract for the Alfa runway at Iquique Airport in northern Chile. The work, which was carried out at the junction of the Alfa taxiway and Delta runway, included runway maintenance, upgrades to the electrical system, repaving service roads (used by the fire department, air force, and navy), and road markings.



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Tentative de fraude

- Press release

Fraud attempts

Eurovia has been informed that frauds and scams have been attempted in Europe, particularly involving the misuse of its identity, the identity of one or other of its affiliated companies and even the identity of one of its employees.


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