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Espagne : Eurovia España remporte deux contrats d’entretien routier

Spain’s minister for development has awarded two service contracts to Eurovia España. They call for maintenance of roadways in the province of Murcia (southeastern Spain) for a period of four years, with a two-year extension option. The contract covers national routes, motorways in proximity to urban centres (Murcia is Spain’s seventh-largest city), and regional and national motorways (including A-7, which runs along the country’s eastern coastline from Barcelona to Andalucia) for a total of 190 kilometres. The traffic volume on some of these motorways exceeds 110,000 vehicles a day, with heavy vehicles accounting for more than 20% of the traffic load. The mandate also includes maintenance of four tunnels (total length: 3,750 metres). The contracts cover the following main services: surveillance and response in the event of incidents, tunnel-monitoring services, and winter road-maintenance services. Also covered are standard maintenance and upkeep operations, including road surfacing, horizontal and vertical signs, structural support systems, markings and barriers, and cleaning services. It is worth noting that one of these contracts has consistently been awarded to Eurovia España for the past twenty years every time it is renewed.
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