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France : developing public spaces in the Nancy Grand Cœur district

Above all, Nancy Grand Cœur is an outstanding example of a human-scale eco-neighbourhood that meets sustainable urban development standards; its objective is to strengthen links between the historic centre and areas on the western bank of the river. This project, whose focal point is the train station, aims to provide residents with new resources for housing, transport, and cultural and economic development. Prior to the construction phase, INRAP (France’s national institute of preventive archeological research) had to prepare the zones where Eurovia would carry out its work. For more than 6 months, archeological research focused on the site of a former jail (Prison Charles III). The digs helped to determine if development work could be conducted below ground or if the area should be protected as a national heritage site. Thanks to their work, INRAP teams were able to uncover the ancient foundations of the city of Nancy. Work is being carried out in accordance with a phased schedule so as not to disrupt traffic, which can be heavy in this part of the city. More specifically, a site in a school courtyard (at Lycée Cyfflé) was placed under containment this past summer. To carry out this task, the teams faced a time constraint: they were permitted to interrupt traffic only from July 18 to August 26 (the school holiday period). In October, the initial work phases for roadways and utility networks will begin at the Saint-Charles nursing home. Work began in June 2015 and will be completed in June 2019.
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