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Above all, Eurovia's story is the story of our 45,000 employees.

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All that's new at Eurovia: current construction sites, recent publications, awards, nominations... Learn what's happening at the Company.

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R&D is one of the pillars of Eurovia’s business strategy. It is inseparable from sustainable development: Eurovia relies on innovation to preserve the environment, protect user safety, and ensure the sustainability of infrastructure.

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The combination of local presence and international scope allows each structure to benefit from technical expertise, key know-how, innovation, and logistics support from all entities.

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About us


As a local partner, Eurovia, a subsidiary of VINCI, develops mobility solutions designed to enhance local economic competitiveness and strengthen social bonds by designing, building, and maintaining transport infrastructure and fostering urban development. 

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It is driven by a quest for operational excellence that places a strong focus on financial performance and safety, our top priority, which requires active involvement from management and employees, including temporary staff and sub-contractors, in a comprehensive and demanding approach to risk prevention.

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The Eurovia Executive Committee

The Executive Committee leads the day-to-day operations of the company, meeting approximately 20 times a year.

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#EuroviaStories - 2020 Highlights


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2019 key figures

Eurovia was founded in 1997 and is a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, accounting for close to a quarter of its total revenues and is present in 15 countries.

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Key dates

Eurovia was created as a result of increasing ties from 1918 onward among major players and pioneering entrepreneurs in the roadwork industry.

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Global & local presence

Eurovia conducts 54% of its business in France, 27% in Europe and 19% in the Americas through its 500 business units spread over 15 countries.

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Our commitments


Risk prevention, health and safety

At Eurovia, our employees’ health and safety are our priority. We are establishing a shared culture of accident prevention among all employees in the Group. To that end, we strongly support an approach designed to...

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The environment and green growth

In all of its activities, Eurovia aims for environmental excellence. Our corporate project is designed to support eco-friendly development. It is based on a strong interconnection between the creation of economic value...

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Ethics and compliance

Wherever we operate around the world, we are driven by the same will to conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner with all of our stakeholders. All Eurovia employees act in compliance with all applicable regulations as...

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Community involvement

The deep roots we have laid in the regions in which we operate enable our companies to significantly contribute to the local economy and community. Our sponsorship initiatives and volunteering efforts focus on the...

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Innovation at Eurovia

Eurovia invests significantly in research and development, and holds 120 patents in road and rail.

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The Road of the Future

The Road of the Future, also known as the fifth-generation road, is a key area of research, which has translated into the development of new features.

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A quick-to-implement collaborative approach

Each year, approximately 20 R&D projects are launched, usually in collaboration with elite schools, universities, institutions, businesses and start-ups.

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Join Eurovia

Our 45,000 employees throughout the world benefit from a managerial policy that strives to provide them with stimulating long-term career plans.

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Enhancing our talent

Through its cross-disciplinary training programmes, the Eurovia Academy helps to develop a shared culture throughout the Group, built around key priorities such as health and safety at work.

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Learn about all the career opportunities.

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Current Events

All that's new at Eurovia: current construction sites, recent publications, awards, nominations... Learn what's happening at the Company.

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