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Eurovia, a subsidiary of VINCI, is one of the world’s main transport infrastructure construction and urban development companies. Eurovia builds transport infrastructure – roads, motorways, railways, airports and light rail systems – and participates in the development of industrial, retail and urban sites. The company provides the full range of related expertise - demolition and deconstruction, drainage, earthworks, main services, road signs, road marking, engineering structures and noise barriers. Thanks to its network of industrial facilities producing aggregates and materials for road and railway construction - Eurovia covers the entire supply chain.

Eurovia's business lines:

  • Transport infrastructure and urban development:

Eurovia’s core expertise is transport infrastructure and urban development: we build roads, highways, railways, airport platforms, and tramways as well as industrial and business sites. Eurovia also has extensive know-how in related areas: demolition and deconstruction, sanitation, excavation, roadwork and utility networks, signage, engineering structure, and noise-attenuation barriers.

These activities, which are carried out wherever we have established a presence.

  • Industrial production:

Eurovia manages a network of more than 500 material production and urban development units. These units include binder plants and asphalt-production units, and production units for road materials and road signs and markings (panels, gantries, paint). We produce floor resins for industrial and commercial premises as well as concrete and pre-fabricated products.

  • Quarries:

Eurovia is a leader in the European aggregates market. We extract, process, and market natural and recycled aggregates for roads and buildings. 

We operate a network of more than 350 quarries and 150 recycling and re-purposing facilities for materials (concrete, milled asphalt, household waste bottom ash, and more), thereby contributing to expanding our activities while ensuring a constant supply to our sites, with reserves evaluated at 42 years of production.

  • Services:

Our technical expertise and knowledge of field and local conditions allow us to provide our clients with a complete range of services in response to their needs.

Prior to the implementation phase on all projects – including public-private partnership mandates – we provide design-coordination services as well as consulting and technical support services. Post-implementation, we provide maintenance and upkeep services for transport infrastructure. We oversee management and safety for road, highway, and railway networks. In addition, we deliver ongoing maintenance, cleaning, winterization, and emergency services.

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