About us



Eurovia is focused on improving its overall performance and profitability, strengthening its industrial structure, pursuing its development worldwide, and diversifying its business lines. Eurovia’s activities are intensely people-centric; as a result, the Company has made occupational health and safety an absolute priority. Furthermore, we dedicate substantial resources to innovation in efforts to deliver solutions that foster sustainable development.

Our ambition

Eurovia aims to be the leader in its business lines and a choice partner for public and private sector clients. As the transport infrastructure expertise hub within VINCI (a privately held public works group), Eurovia is a major player in urban and regional development. The Company shares a common objective with other Group entities: to create global value.

In accordance with synergies developed within the VINCI Group, particularly with regard to public-private partnership projects, we take an active part in the Group’s major infrastructure mandates around the world.

Working together: your partner for local and regional development

Transport infrastructure – a critical component in regional economic development, social cohesion, and the viability of the industrial and tourism sectors – is our daily focus. As part of our commitment to regional development, we are active on many fronts: we build infrastructure, we provide employment, we offer training, and we partner with schools, job-placement associations, and NGOs. We work together to create and develop effective transport infrastructure as well as imagine better ways of achieving this objective in the future.

Our development strategy is based on the following principles:

- Competitiveness and performance

- Diversification and globalization

- Employee development and commitment. The men and women who work at Eurovia are committed to serving our clients using their skills, ingenuity, and rigour. Employee training, qualification, and safety are priorities at Eurovia

- Innovation, in order to provide solutions designed to foster sustainable development

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