A new generation of production plants

Eurovia’s new-generation plants are more compact and are housed withing industrial buildings that are structured in many ways as logistics platforms in which materials arrive at one end and asphalt paving solutions come out at the other end. Designing these new plants represents a complete break from producers’ practices at the time.

These asphalt-production plants are designed to be exemplary models in five specific areas, namely, safety, working conditions, environmental protection, production processes, and operating cost-effectiveness.

Currently, six new-generation plants are in service in France. Of course, investment in this type of technology is significantly greater than for earlier-generation plants; however, it is a worthwhile investment since it generates considerable subsequent savings. Production capacity remains high whatever the weather, all types of mixes can be produced continuously, and recycling capability is high.

Finally, enhanced insulation throughout the plant translates into substantial energy savings. These new-generation asphalt-production plants are the way of the future at Eurovia, both in France and internationally.

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