France, highway A19

A19: 101 km of highway

1.5 million tonnes of materials, including 1.1 million tonnes of asphalt paving were required to build highway A19. This is the story of a highway that had to be built in four years to connect Artenay and Courtenay in the Loiret region. Four years to conduct feasibility studies, carry out construction, and deliver the project for entry into service of a 101-km highway segment linking A10 to A6 and to the existing A19 segment. No fewer than 100 Eurovia employees were involved on the road-construction portion of this project over an 18 to 20-month period. Asphalt paving was produced by three mobile units. Aggregate materials were sourced from three quarries located at Deux-Sèvres, Morvan and Orne and delivered for themost part (90%) to the worksite by rail. Entry into service for highway A19 occurred in May 2009.

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