Chile, desert road

Bitumix upgrades a 15-km road segment at 2,250 m above sea level

In the world's most arid region, the Atacama desert, Bitumix upgraded a segment of the road linking Calama and Chiu-Chiu. Over a 15-km stretch of road, Bitumix was required to repair the shoulders and the roadway, build an access ramp, and install road markings and signs. Undertaken for the country's ministry of public works, the worksite mobilized approximately 15 employees for a four-month period. Bitumix also completed asphalt paving of a new 9-km bypass, providing access to the Chuquicamata mine, the world's largest open-pit mine. Over a three-month span, the company poured 45,000 tonnes of coating.

Key figures:

136,000 m2 of bond coating

17,331 tonnes of asphalt coating

14.1 km of horizontal and vertical road signs

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