Building a light-rail system: Eurovia’s expertise at a glance

  • Worksite organization and coordination to mitigate nuisance factors for users and ensure favourable living conditions for residents.
  • Continuous management of development works: excavation; sanitation; underground networks; concrete foundation; and adjacent structures (sidewalks and roads).
  • Integration of the light-rail system into its surroundings: platform surface course; different surface course to distinguish between platforms, pavers, strips, grass, noise-attenuation barriers.
  • Implementation of customized solutions.
  • Design and implementation of high-performance structures: Bétonpact®, concrete made from compacted cement designed for high-use industrial surfaces and roads such as urban infrastructure; or Renfovia®, a paving solution designed for the construction of infrastructure subjected to intense heavy-vehicle traffic.
  • Installation of tracks and catenary wires by the specialized teams at ETF-Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires.
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