New developments in Chile

Bitumix, Eurovia's subsidiary in Chile, will carry out two new projects in northern Chile, a region where there is strong economic activity due to its concentration of mining activities and its role as a hub for international trade and transportation.

At this location 1,360 km north of the capital Santiago, as part of the "Rutas de Antofagasta" concession agreement, Bitumix will pour 220,000 tonnes of asphalt on a 45-km linear road segment, while Probisa (another Eurovia subsidiary) will supply 35,000 tonnes of binder imported directly from the United States and delivered at its new terminal in Mejillones, which was entered into service in late July.

The second project targets the rehabilitation of a 25-km segment of the Pan-American highway, approximately 300 km north of Antofagasta, in the Quillagua oasis in the middle of the Atacama desert. This worksite is located in what is reputed to be the driest place on earth - according to measurements conducted by the local geographical institute, the area has received less than half a centimetre of rain in the past four decades.

While Bitumix has been in southern Chile and in the central region of Santiago for the past 40 years, the two new contracts represent the first mandates for the company's new division in northern Chile. The new division will allow the company to pursue proximity-driven development in what is a very promising regional market.

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