quebec A40

Upgrades to two bridges over highway A40 in Quebec

DJL is currently upgrading paved surfaces and two bridges that span the Maskinongé River at highway A40 west of the city of Trois-Rivières.

The project is designed to strengthen the bridges built in 1973.

Work is divided into three phases. Phase 1 consists in repairs to the structure of the south bridge. For phase 2, which focused on the demolition and reconstruction of the parapets, DJL used a 20-person team. Demolition of the concrete slab and parapets required several successive mechanical and manual steps, namely, the use of: a mechanical jaw; a hydraulic hammer mounted on a mini-excavator; and a jackhammer.

Another key requirement of the project was the replacement the bridge bearing structures, which allow the bridge to shift in accordance with climatic changes. DJL teams completed phase 3 with finishing work on the south bridge and its concrete slab, median barriers, and approaches.

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