DJL builds a 5-km segment of the future A50 highway in the Outaouais region

In December 2008, work began on the segment to be built by DJL of the future A50 highway that will link Gatineau and Montreal in 2012. The 5-km segment runs from Montée St. François to route 321. The work includes deforestation, dynamiting through rock, draining a swamp, fording a creek, and crossing a local road.

Key figures:

43 ha of deforestation

1.1 million m3 of excavation including 900,000 m3 of rock to dynamite

50,000 m3 of light fill

300,000 ml of vertical draims

650 ml of pipes and culverts (including one with a diameter of 3,600 ml of diameter for creek water flow)

1 overpass

350,000 tonnes of crushed granular materials produced on site from dynamited rock

32,000 tonnes of asphalt produced on site

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