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DJL is awarded two road-maintenance contracts in New Brunswick

In July 2009, DJL obtained two road-maintenance contracts in New Brunswick for a total surface of 2.6 million m2, which is equivalent to 700 km. These are the two largest contracts ever signed by the company. The projects, which are public-private partnerships (PPP), include the rehabilitation of segments of Highway 2 using cold-mix asphalt, which helps extend the useful life of the roadway by five to seven years. The first contract covers a 39-km stretch near Fredericton. The second contract covers three separate segments at St. Basile, Perth-Andover, and Woodstock (for a total of 26 km). The 1.7 million litres of emulsion needed (requiring 60 production days) are produced at the Carignan plant in Quebec, located 850 km from the worksite and requiring specific transport logistics and preparation planning.

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