Eurovia, a leader in public-private partnerships

Known as PPP (public-private partnership) in France and North American and PFI (private finance initiative) in Great Britain, this business model shares a common purpose: as part of its public works mandate, a government department or agency enters into a partnership with a private-sector company, contracting it to fund, design in whole or in part, build, maintain, and operate engineering structures or public works, including road infrastructure. For the duration of such long-term contracts, the company receives remuneration from the government. This business model allows communities to entrust urgent or complex projects to third parties and companies to deliver effective projects on a timely basis.

PPP contracts feature specific benefits: it provides a global cost perspective; it allows the parties to allocate the investment over the long-term; and it can use pre-financing to hasten project launch, implementation, and delivery. Eurovia's know-how in terms of techniques and means of production, its capacity to manage complex operations involving multiple business lines, its experience with public works and related services, its size and comprehensive range of capabilities, and its association with the VINCI Group have made the Company an experienced and leading expert in the area of PPPs.

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