Eurovia Infra: a structure for managing global projects

In early 2008, in efforts to further its involvement in global projects, Eurovia created Eurovia Infra. Managing large-scale infrastructure projects is an expertise that the Company inherited through its merger with Entreprise Jean Lefebvre (EJL). Along with SGE and GTM, the latter was an original shareholder of Cofiroute, a highway concessions company established in 1970. Over the years, EJL has consolidated its offering and transferred its expertise in global project management, including funding, to Eurovia teams when the two entities began working more closely together in 2000.

Eurovia Infra, which includes a staff of approximately twenty people, follows a simple guideline: it provides design, coordination, expert consulting and assistance on all operations projects that include funding. This is an appropriate and responsive approach to the surge in projects of this kind in recent years that comprise a funding component, including high-speed rail lines, highways, light-rail systems, airports, and canals. It is also a logical development since it is in accordance with the VINCI Group's stated objective of increasing its participation on major projects in France and on the world stage.

And the world stage includes the many countries in which Eurovia is already present: in addition to France, the Company operates in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, England, the United States, Canada and Chile. Eurovia Infra helps all of the Company's foreign-based operations to respond optimally to requests for proposals with specific consulting and design services. It also helps the Company win projects in countries where it is not present. A case in point is the Netherlands, where Eurovia Infra, in partnership with other suppliers, is involved in a highway-widening scheme at the Rotterdam port.

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