Réunion, viaduct watertightness

Eurovia undertakes joint sealing of the Grande Ravine viaduct at Reunion Island

In conjunction with about ten companies from the VINCI Group, Eurovia took part in the construction of route des Tamarins, which was opened to traffic in June 2009. The road was designed to relieve congestion in the western part of Reunion Island. The project, launched in 2005, included the construction of a 33.7-km-long, dual 2-lane expressway from Saint-Paul to Étang Salé. A team of specialists in joint sealing from Eurovia's Aubervilliers division was despatched to the worksite where it carried out over half of all joint sealing requirements for engineering structures, nearly 100,000 m2 in all. At the Grande Ravine viaduct, Eurovia used a new special formula developed at its research centre. The new product, known as Orthoplast® H, is the result of 18 months of research and testing. It was manufactured in France and shipped in heated containers.

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