Expert solution provider for airports and heliports

Eurovia possesses expert and extensive know-how regarding road and highway infrastructure. What is perhaps less well-known is that it provides valuable services to aviation and aeronautics professionals in support of their design, renovation, and equipment-maintenance work through products created at its research, development, and innovation centres. 

If asked to name a single iconic project that illustrates its expertise with respect to airport infrastructure, Eurovia would surely cite the future airport at Grand Ouest. For the first time in a long time in France, public authorities have decided to build (starting in 2014) a new airport on a 1,250-hectare site.

Eurovia regularly provides maintenance and renovation services to airports. Eurovia has taken part in a project for the helicopter production company Eurocopter based in Marignane (France).

On these types of projects, the laboratory plays a key role. It develops formulations that address specific site and project needs. It oversees implementation and monitors performance through use of borehole sampling techniques.

There are multiple constraints that must be addressed at airport worksites:  work can only be carried out over brief periods, sometimes at night, another obligation was the need to abide by water-management legislation and new civil aviation requirements, carry out wildlife and vegetation impact studies in wetlands and devise compensating measures.

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