Firejack combined vest and harness

In building demolition trades, certain work is carried out by blow-torch operators and welders. These operations expose them to various risks (burns, spatter, shocks, falls), requiring them to wear specific personal protection equipment – mainly protective clothing and a harness.

An in-house working group met to define specifications for personal protection equipment meeting all the requirements. A prototype vest equipped with fire-proof protection and shockresistant elements (Kevlar lining), a harness, reflective strips and
removable thigh protectors was produced. It was tested on a worksite, giving the manufacturer the opportunity to improve it and produce a second model baptised Firejack.

The Firejack safety vest avoids blow-torch operators having to “choose” between separate personal protection equipment. It responds to six protection indexes. It was tested on the deconstruction worksite of the Strasbourg thermal power station.

This personal protection for demolition was awarded an Equipment and Tools prize in the Equipment and Tools category.

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