Germany, A4 motorway

Germany: Entry into service of a 24-km segment of motorway A4

A 24.5-km segment of the A4 motorway was officially opened to traffic. This segment consisting of a dual 3-lane configuration over 18.5 km and dual 2-lane over 6 km, is the Hörselberg bypass (located in central Germany).

The project required the construction of 3 connecting ramps, 3 viaducts, and 21 engineering structures as well as the installation of noise-attenuation barriers over a distance of 4,500 metres. Work was launched in April 2008 as part of a design-build-upgrade contract for a 45-km section of the A4 motorway; the project is designed to relieve traffic congestion on one of the busiest east-west thoroughfares in Germany.

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