France, Gevrey-Chambertin campuses

Gevrey-Chambertin and Mérignac, two skill-perfecting campuses in France

Eurovia has two training centres in France. The Gevrey-Chambertin campus in the Côte d'Or region focuses on roadwork industry skills, providing interns with opportunities to work on and complete real-world projects. Here, every year, over 600 employees and fellow workers benefit from some thirty training programs, including "roadwork masonry," which is equivalent to France's professional skill certification and is recognized by the State. The Mérignac campus in the Gironde region specializes in management training. Young engineers and executives receive training at Mérignac during their first three years at Eurovia. A similar training structure exists for young worksite managers. Mérignac also provides complementary training. It is worth noting that Mérignac is also home to our R&D centre.

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