Granulat+, “making known” your “know-how”

Over the last few years, teams working on Carrières et Matériaux de Méditerranée (Eurovia) sites have invested a great deal of time and energy in enhancing the
technical aspects. They are now able to recycle 100% of their excavation materials and have recycling installations with a much higher treatment capacity than the competition. But lack of communication meant that clients were unaware of this service.

A communication strategy was put in place starting in 2009. It consisted of creating
a brand, Granulat+, and a logo to raise visibility of every aspect of the service: products, sites and, responsible management of the resource. The campaign was rolled out via the media and targeted approaches by the entities to clients, local authorities and contractors, along with various other communication platforms website, brochures, etc.).

The reflection encouraged by the communication effort across the network allowed
us to gain an objective view and fostered emergence of a new vision of the business as a whole – more sustainable and more responsible.

This approach was awarded a Marketing and Services prize in the Marketing and Services category.

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