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Heating system at Aubenas

Since December 2009, teams from Eurovia DALA - Aubenas have been taking part in the construction of one of the largest wood-heating systems in France. As part of its sustainable development policy, the Aubenas commune has entrusted a 24-year service mandate to Révia (a subsidiary of GDF Suez) for the construction and operation of a wood-heating system, using local resources, and the implementation of a network serving the commune's main building (hospital, schools, daycares, public services, etc.), large plants, and subsidized and community housing, including 3 primary radiators 7.895 km long and the equivalent of 3.7 km of secondary radiators and connections.

Eurovia, in consortium, is carrying out all excavation-related works: earthworks, pipe beds (average depth of 1.3 m), coating layer, trench cover, and road repair.

The Aubenas commune will also rehabilitate its wastewater and drinking water networks in streets impacted by the excavation: this work will be carried out on a retainer basis. In addition, some streets will be completely repaved.

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