International Safety Day

Eurovia's several years of hard work (involving improvements in tools and processes, training and awareness raising, etc) reduced the workplace accident frequency rate from 15.27 in 2004 to 9.45 in 2008. If further progress was to be made, it was clear that a new type of programme was needed to ensure that each and every employees is aware of his or her role in preventing accidents and changing behaviour.

The method used was to organise an International Safety Day on 26 May 2009. On that day, Eurovia's 40,000 employees are mobilised at their workplaces for the event, which takes place uniformly across the entire company and comprises:

  • a video message from the Chief Executive Officer
  • screening of a video about the consequences of workplace accident
  • awareness raising workshops
  • commitment by the teams to improve the safety conditions of their worksites.

The impact of the initiative on employees immediately proved highly positive. The team commitments were incorporated in the division' safety actions plans. Given the success of this event, top management decided to repeat it every two years.

This initiative was awarded a Safety prize in the Management category in 2011.

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