Light rail track system

Since the return of light rail systems to city centres, light rail rolling stock has been spectacularly brought up to date. This is not yet the case for roadbed and track structures, and contracting authorities are still waiting for solutions that reduce the depth of earthworks, shorten construction times and cut costs.

A cross-business working group was set up within Eurovia in 2010 to come up with a technical solution making it possible to build faster and perform less earthworks. The group came up with a solution that consists, among other things, in combining the surface course and the track support.

First estimates show that the cost of this new track structure is competitive with the conventional solution, with the amount of execution time saved depending on the complexity of the project. This innovative integrated design concept also lends itself to PPP (public private partnership) type contracts.

This first integrated technical solution was awarded the Innovation Breakthrough prize in the Materials, Process and techniques category.


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