Monitoring a vle (very low energy) roadway structure

Recycled, cold-treated materials can be used to build VLE (very low energy) roads in urban areas. These roads use less energy because they are made of recycled materials that are not heated before mixing, unlike conventional asphalt mix. Testing was performed to verify that this new concept will be compatible and usable in areas with long, severe winters.

Tests were performed on pavement of varying thickness. The instrumentation measures any deformation of the pavement resulting from different loads, humidity and thermal evolution. Probes are connected to software that tracks the data continuously.

This is the first time that Eurovia has conducted in-situ testing on this type of road. The process achieves a 50% energy saving and a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The initial results are very encouraging and will enable future pavement design (nature and thickness of the layers making up the pavement) and wide dissemination of this innovation throughout the Group.

This tool was awarded a Materials, Process and Techniques prize in the Materials, Processes and Techniques category.

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