New employees visible thanks to the colour of their helmet

New hires are more frequently involved in workplace accidents than other employees. These accidents are not only more frequent but more severe - despite preventive and safety measures that apply to all employees and specific measures (one-on-one meetings, orientation guide) designed for new recruits.

In 2004, Hubbard in the United States came up with a simple and very low-cost solution, which was to require new hires to wear a red helmet for the first 90 days of employment. As a result, experienced employees (who wear white helmets) can easily identify new hires, be on the lookout for inappropriate or risk behaviour, and provide assistance or advice. In the first year, the number of accidents dropped from 30 to 18 among new employees. In 2008, that figure dropped to 4.

This initiative received a Management Prize in the Management category at the 2009 VINCI Innovation Awards.

This occupational safety initiative has been extended to operations in Canada; from this point onward, new employees at DJL (one of Eurovia's Canadian subsidiaries) are easy to spot thanks to their green helmet.

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