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Eurovia also targets niche markets

Eurovia is focused on providing its clients with a comprehensive range of services. That is the reason we are also active in very specific areas, including: hydraulic works; planning, implementing, and maintaining green spaces; and installing wind-turbine foundations. These services are made possible through strategic partnerships among many of our subsidiaries. An example? Sethy has developed a service offering in hydraulic works. Its achievements in this area not only include river and canal development projects, but the construction of dams as well. TP Spada specializes in port development. SBR provides heavy concrete bollards and other structures used as protective barriers at worksites. Chadel maintains green spaces. The Eurovia division at Morlaix and Eurovia's Romanian subsidiaries are interested in preparatory works for wind-turbine: access paths, crane platforms, and reinforced concrete foundations for wind turbine masts.

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