NOxer uses light to eliminate polluting gases

Road pollution remains a serious problem in confined areas or in proximity to major thoroughfares. In an effort to reduce road pollution and help to preserve the environment, Eurovia teams have developed NOxer. This paving solution uses photocatalysis to cut down gas emissions by 10 to 40%. Residue is evacuated by rainwater in concentrations well below allowable thresholds in mineral water. NOxer requires no maintenance and always remains effective.

NOxer can be applied to noise-attenuation barriers - as in Paris, Manchester or Lannion - walls at car parks, tunnels, surface pavement (high-traffic roads, conventional city streets, and fast food drive-throughs). To date, Eurovia teams have implemented NOxer on more than 45,000 m2 of road surfaces, including recently at theA86 toll areas, in Paris, and in Madrid.

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