Orthoplast®, a new portable sealing solution

Since the 1970s, Eurovia had been using a binder that was very difficult to transport as a sealant for engineering structures with steel decks. The challenge was how to convey the sealant to worksites in regions where the Company had no binder production plant. A case in point was the Grande Ravine viaduct at La Réunion. Following two years of effort and testing, Eurovia's research centre developed Orthoplast H®. This new sealing complex is transportable and consists of the prefab sheet - which replaces the cast sealing membrane - and a coating with a modified and additivized binder designed to improve ease of handling. Its cost is comparable to the previously used process. Following its inaugural use at La Réunion, Orthoplast H® opens up new markets abroad for Eurovia which were previously inaccessible due to the complex and costly logistics associated with the former process.

This new process won a Grand Prize in the Materials, Processes, and Techniques category.

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