Ampliroll tool-holder platform

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In its different activities (earthworks, scraping, demolition (HRB), clearing ditches, etc.), Sablières de la Meurthe (Eurovia) uses a 35-metric-ton hydraulic shovel that can be equipped with any of seven different tools using a quick attachment system. The problem to be solved was making these different tools available to the shovel as it moves from one location to the next, since the carrying capacity of the flatbed transporter is limited to the shovel itself and two tools.

This system remedies all the drawbacks and risks related to transport of tools by dumper truck: difficulty of attaching the tools securely, lost time while the dumper truck is loaded and unloaded, tools scattered over the worksite, etc. The time savings measured come to at least two hours per transport operation. The fact that the tool holders are adapted to the tools also reduces the risks of damage during manoeuvres and hence maintenance operations.

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