Bituminous ballast for remodelling the Vieux-Port

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In 2012, the project to turn the Vieux Port (Old Port) in Marseille into a semi-pedestrian area entailed completely remodelling the roadways over an area of 22,000 square metres. Given the clay loam nature of the subsoil and the presence of water at shallow depths, a great deal of replacement works seemed to be inevitable. However, this was incompatible with the very tight project deadlines and the fact that the worksite was located right in the middle of the city.

Developed by Eurovia’s regional laboratory and then tested, the solution was validated by the project manager and the outside control office. It was employed over the whole worksite and allowed site traffic movements to continue normally. It met the expected load bearing target of 50 MPa and also avoided using very large amounts of natural materials. This solution, highly appreciated for its performance, was also selected by the project manager for an adjacent works package.

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