Drying accelerator for water-based paints under unfavourable conditions

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Whatever the field of application, solvent-based paints are never totally harmless. Since the beginning of this century, they have gradually been replaced by water-based paints formulated to deliver more durable performances and which are much less harmful to the environment. However, this change has some drawbacks since the new products take much longer to dry in spring and autumn (high rainfall, low temperatures), which means that solvent-based paints have to be used at the beginning and end of a road-marking campaign.

Drying time when using this additive is halved, on average, with time savings of three to four hours a day during the application phase. Certified in the NF Road Equipment Guidelines in 2012 and validated in pilot worksites on Reunion Island and in the Massif des Aravis (French Alps), this technique opens up interesting prospects for SAR in the road and motorway markings market.

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